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LaTanya Tolan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Founder & CEO of Soul Care for Black Clinicians®, which is a realized God-given vision that she is humbled to lead. She has been serving people for over 20 years in various capacities including as a Clinician, MSW Professor, Field Liaison, Clinical Supervisor, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, and Private Practitioner, just to name a few. LaTanya's life mission is to empower, support, teach, care for, love on, and heal the souls of Black people; and ultimately improve the trajectories of the Black family and the Black community. Her specific dedication in working with Black clinicians and Black healing professionals supports her calling to heal, support, educate, and help create more Black entrepreneurs, who will also accept her mission as their own.

What Folks Are Sayin'...

"LaTanya works with our ERG (employee resource group) via monthly workshops. It's funny because upon first meeting her, it was just a natural click. We were looking for someone who not only understands our experiences as black and indigenous people of color in the workplace but came equipped with the tools to help us process our feelings during a sensitive time. LaTanya was fit from the start. She approaches our sessions with such warmth, it's easy to talk to her. I've seen co-workers open up and share in a way that I may not have ever seen outside of our sessions with LaTanya. In such uncertain times, I think it eases my heart and mind to know we work at a company that supports us have a safe place to make sense of the world, and that we have someone as compassionate as LaTanya to help us do it."

- Candace Pickering, Hinge

"Many positive attributes come to mind about LaTanya Tolan, LCSW, M.A. Ed. Of these many positive attributes, I will focus on ways that her professional work is a unique combination of spiritual/cultural groundedness, authenticity, vision, intelligence, commitment, and humor. Ms. Tolan's exquisite abilities to draw upon the aforementioned attributes to effectively assess, adapt, and respond to various situations, some of which would test the clinical and ethical competence of others, is noteworthy. Her exemplary work as a clinician, consultant, presenter, professor, administrator, entrepreneur, and life-long learner is inspirational. ”

- Kimani Norrington-Sands, PhD

"Phenomenal, Knowledgeable, Empowering"...these are the words I would use to describe LaTanya Tolan. She has an undoubted passion for improving people's lives. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in working in the field of mental health. She is also a strong advocate for self-care and healing within the African American community.”

- Delissa Ables, LCSW

"LaTanya Tolan is an amazing Professor, Clinician and woman. Her teaching style allows all learners to be comfortable and learn what is needed and more for the field of Social Work. She provides her students with opportunities to learn from each other, as well as learning from her. She is a critical thinker and she pushes her students to think critically as well. Her expertise and experience gives her the knowledge to connect with her students, as well as her clients. She is a change agent, facilitator and an advocate and I am fortunate to have had her as a Professor and now, as a colleague that I can call and consult with and ask her expert opinion. ”

- Shakoya Green, MA, MSW, ACSW

"Ms. La Tanya Tolan is a highly engaging presenter, able to craft content to meet the needs of any audience. She recently facilitated a caregiver session for foster parents and the caregivers were attentive, excited about the material, and active participants in the learning process. I have no doubt that the caregivers will be eager to return for the follow up session!

Ms. Tolan is a consummate professional in all that she does and provides high quality educational and training opportunities. I recently sought her services as a subject matter expert in the field of youth mental health and caregiver supports. She engaged in our agency’s contracting process with ease and grace, provided timelines for completion of work product, and was available for any questions that should arise. Ms. Tolan met all outcomes that had been set forth and provided all training attendees with a highly engaging presentation, complete with opportunities for fruitful discussion and feedback. She was a joy to work with!"

- Katrina Taylor, LCSW

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